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Successful packaging creates successful sales!

Take advantage of the +33 years of experience of Paramount S.A.


Packaging is an essential part of the shopping experience.

Did you know that 80% of purchasing decisions are made on the shelf, while product presentation is the only form of communication that 100% of people see?

At Paramount S.A., we have sold millions of products designing over 1,500 packages of food, beverages, soft drinks, clothing, industrial and electrical products, medicines etc.

It’s time to design your packaging!

We have an extensive packaging design experience for food, beverage, soft drinks, clothing, industrial, electrical and electronic products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Every product for us is another challenge.

Describe your product and your distribution network, and the creative team of Paramount S.A. will impress you!

Each packaging design has its characteristics, which also determine the creative time spent by the design team.

Our experience improves the required design times and ensures lower costs for our customers, who are very happy with our pricing policy.

Contact us to discuss your needs and determine the cost of designing your package.

We all have a graphic designer friend. The point, however, is to design a package not to serve our graphic designer friend but our business needs. The design of each package requires, in addition to graphic design skills, excellent marketing and communication skills.

We at Paramount S.A. We have experienced design and communication marketing executives who will guide our creative team to design a package with strategy, not a package based only on aesthetics.

If your graphic designer friend has all these skills, you have no reason to prefer us.

If you do not have them again, contact us to take off your sales!

The industry, the market, the distribution networks, the use of safety standards, and many more determine the design time of the package. The average presentation time is 4-5 days. The completion of the design depends on your response and determination. Our creative team significantly reduces the delivery time.

Our main job is to design the packaging. We supervise and undertake the production of packages that can be printed in Greece. We have partnerships with packaging printing units that ensure high-quality packaging printing and low production prices.

We can create a competitive advantage for your products with lower costs and a high level of creativity.

Our creative team and customer service department have the experience of mandatory data entry in each package. However, given that for each industry there are, almost daily, legal changes regarding data entry, there should be two-way cooperation with you to avoid any failures.v

Save time and money by outsourcing your packaging to Paramount S.A. Call now at +30 2310 480 790, and the customer service department will promptly arrange all the necessary steps to design your package.

We are sure that we will meet your every packaging design need!


Our collaborations last for years!


Let's talk about your next project .

We listen, plan, implement.


G. Tsontou 27-29,

+30 2310 480790


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United Kingdom
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