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We can help you do it in
the right way!

Take advantage of the experience of Paramount S.A.


Are you starting your own business now, or do you want to redefine your corporate image?

At Paramount S.A, we can help you do it right.

For more than 500 companies in Greece and abroad, we were inspired and designed a complete corporate identity with consistent communication marketing applications in all their communication material.

We design and produce

LOGOS that remain engraved in the minds of consumers

CORPORATE IDENTITY that effectively conveys and communicates the values ​​and image of your business

CORPORATE IDENTITY APPLICATIONS that unify and compose the corporate image, from a folder to corporate facilities

COMPANY & PRODUCT FORMS that sell your products, even when you are not there

Our creative team is at your disposal if your goal is to stand out, have a competitive presence, and create a tremendous financial value for your brand.

A strong brand adds value to your business. If you manage the Microsoft brand and want to sell it, would you start your negotiations from your company’s assets? Or the value of your brand?

A brand is the feelings and impressions consumers have about a product and a business. In other words, a brand is what consumers think of you and your product.

Branding is the set of targeted actions that a company takes to create a shared emotional and empirical perception in consumers regarding the collection of characteristics, quality and image of itself and its products.

Successful Branding dramatically reduces the cost of advertising spending and multiplies sales results.

The success of the process depends on the methodology followed. At Paramount S.A., we follow critical strategic and systematic steps.

First, we look at the needs and points that we consider unique in your business and give you a competitive edge. After considering all the parameters, we discuss with you to jointly define your vision.

We analyse consumer behaviour with modern research methods and tools and determine the consumer groups (target groups) that interest us. Then we create the essential elements of the brand, its personality and the promise that inspires. These elements are the basis for making the logo.

Having created an adequate base, we start building your brand. At the same time, we define specific lines of communication and ensure that every euro you spend on communication marketing supports a clear corporate goal and a particular strategy to achieve it.

No. Branding goes far beyond the logo or corporate identity. The brand is the collective perception of consumers about a business and its products, defined by their feelings about the logo, the visual expression of advertising, their service and the final product.

As a graphic symbol, a logo is like the national flag of a country. Citizens of all nations are very proud of their national symbol because it relates to their history and achievements. Can someone who has never seen the flag of a country or sees it for the first time have the same feelings?

A logo is built over time as consumers interact with the brand through multiple contact points and create a clear idea of ​​the brand’s values ​​and principles.

The points of contact can be the packaging and how the product appears on the shelf or the way we receive consumer calls in the business, the method of advertising, the quality of prints, the quality of photos and videos, and even the speed of product delivery.

At Paramount SA, we know that creating a logo is only the first step in building a brand. However, it is an important point where we need to start.

Our knowledge and skills in Brand Design for 33 years have contributed to the development and distinction of many companies of various sizes.

We succeeded in our customers, improving their image and building their brand effectively with our actions.

We have the know-how and the right people to push your brand to the top of your industry.

Save time and money by outsourcing your branding to Paramount S.A. Call now at +30 2310 480 790, and the customer service department will quickly take action to take all the necessary steps to design your branding.

Choose us and take advantage of our 33+ years of experience!


Our collaborations last for years!


Let's talk about your next project .

We listen, plan, implement.


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+30 2310 480790


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